Check valves
Special type of isolation valve

The check valve is a special type of isolation valve. Check valves are used to prevent the inversion of the flow direction of the medium in the technological pipeline. We offer a wide range of  check valve designs: folding valves, butterfly folding valves, check valves with inclined seat, two-piece check valves. You can choose between flange construction or intermediate flange construction.  When installing check valves with large pipe diameters, there is a risk of a closing pressure surge from the check valve. Hydraulic dampers are installed in order to avoid this  closing of the check valve and thus the closing pressure shock. As a special version, it is possible to install a protective cover for the handle. It protects the operating personnel when blowing off the non-return valve.


Nominal pressure 6, 10, 16, 25, 40 Bar
Density class А, nach DIN EN 12266
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Our products deliver top performance for years, even under the most difficult conditions. But of course every component has to be renewed or replaced once after a very long load. Here, too, we are at your side as a reliable partner, because our products are still important to us even after delivery. Therefore, we would like to accompany and support you in the best possible way even after your purchase. Therefore, do not take any risks and trust exclusively in original spare parts and the decades of experience and high competence of Habermann Aurum Pumpen.


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