Dredger ADST-300E 
ADST-300E  With Heracles submersible pump, capacities up to 360 m3/h and heads from 15 to 28 meters.

The next type of ADST range of dredgers with submersible pump with capacity by pulp – 360 m3/h and head from 15 up to 28 m.w.c. They are equipped with the pumps of the APFT series. They are designed for handling highly viscous media with a density of 1.4 kg/dm3 and ensures uninterrupted pumping of pulp with a high concentration of solid inclusions. APFT pumps can handle the slurry with hard spots with the diameter up to 60 mm. The content of solids can reach 60% by weight. These pumps are equipped with a unique patented cutter fan. Thanks to it, it is possible to ensure the permanent density of the material that is intaken, as well as to handle compressed soils with clayish inclusions. The dredger ADST-300E can discharge 100 m3 of wet sand to the depositing site with the power consumption of the main pump of 37-55 kW. The system of the dredger electric equipment and automation ensures all electro-technic protection measures, as well as control of current consumption and input voltage. The dredger is protected against possible heeling and water availability in bilges.

Pumping flow up to 360 m3/h
Immersion depth up to 30 m
02.01.2024 Dredgers
Dredgers ADST series Wide range of suction dredgers with submersible dredging pumps
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