Armored pumps for medium and heavy-duty applications
RPL-Serie Ideal for solid-laden media with a density of up to 1.5.

For low and medium wear stress, as occurs with low solids contents and soft solids, our long-proven, metal-encapsulated pump type PRL is available. It has proven itself in many industrial applications, e.g. in dewatering, sintered water conveyance and processing technology in tunnel construction. In addition to closed and semi-open variants, two- or multi-channel impellers are available. The impellers are mounted on the shaft by means of trapezoidal threads. Relief vanes are cast onto the back of the rear impeller cover plate to relieve the shaft seal. Pump and bearing housings are supported by a rugged bearing bracket.

Pumping flow up to 3000 m3/h
Pumping height, single-stage up to 125 m.Fl.s
Pump rotational speed up to 2950 min-1
Connection nominal width 32 - 400
Maximum operating pressure up to 16 Bar
Temperature of the fluid 90 °C
Pressure nozzle position step by step
Corrosion-resistance with PH 3 - 14
10.02.2023 Slurry pumps
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29.12.2022 Slurry pumps
Slurry pumps for abrasive and corrosive media. Pumps with diverse linings and coatings. Casting materials. Vertical pumps and special sump design. Shaft seals.
29.12.2022 Slurry pumps
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Spare parts

Our products deliver top performance for years, even under the most difficult conditions. But of course every component has to be renewed or replaced once after a very long load. Here, too, we are at your side as a reliable partner, because our products are still important to us even after delivery. Therefore, we would like to accompany and support you in the best possible way even after your purchase. Therefore, do not take any risks and trust exclusively in original spare parts and the decades of experience and high competence of Habermann Aurum Pumpen.


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