Fair Engineered Solutions for the Extractive Industry's Material Handling Challenges

[Bochum, 31.08.2023] - The extractive industry faces a complex array of operational challenges that demand specialized engineering solutions. Foremost among these challenges is the requirement for reliable and disturbance-free material conveyance systems. Any operational failure can result in substantial downtime, driving up operational costs. This is precisely the challenge that Habermann Aurum’s range of pumps addresses through their specialized designs and engineering.

1. Specialized Pump Designs for Heavy-duty Applications

Habermann Aurum specializes in the engineering and manufacture of slurry pumps designed explicitly for heavy-duty applications to handle solid-laden liquids efficiently in the extractive industry. 

- HPK series pumps, designed for extreme wear applications, boast a durable and replaceable inner lining of elastic materials special polyurethan APFlex® or an optional non composite CeramCarbide® coating, which is as hard a diamond, ensuring resistance to harsh chemicals and easing maintenance through an optimized casing design.

- NPW series are heavy-duty, single stage metallic centrifugal pumps with easy replacement of wear parts and an adjustable clearance on the suction side.

- RPL with protective metallic finish are designed for light to medium wear applications with low content of soft and solid particles, such as wastewater and coal pulp processing.

- KB series heavy-duty metallic centrifugal slurry pumps excel in high-wear applications, making them ideal for gravel extraction and coarse material handling.

2. Submersible Motor Pumps 

Challenger® and Heracles® series are flexible designs that were specifically developed for heavy duty applications. These robust pumps are typically used in mining, extraction of fine sand, sludge dumps, drainage of dams and dredging lakes, ponds, and rivers. Their design features directly flanged connection with submersible motor for wet installations. The hydraulic motor driven pumps can also be used for dry installations. The pumps are made of highly wear and corrosion resistant materials, which ensures their exceptional reliability and makes them less sensitive to cavitation. Heracles® can be optionally coupled with electric or hydraulic motor.

3. Advanced Engineering Solutions

Beyond standalone pump units, Habermann Aurum also offers sophisticated engineering solutions like floating pump stations, where the pumps are installed on pontoons, allowing them to adjust to water level changes, ensuring efficient operation. Adapting to varied operational conditions, they can be easily set up on any water surface.  Another special solution for the extractive industry has been developed where collected groundwater and surface water are directed into a specially designed roll-off container. Inside this container, two vertical pumps are arranged. Their redundant setup ensures smooth and continuous operation, guaranteeing that work processes continue unhindered, even in case of pump malfunction or heavy rain. 

4. Handling Gas and Foam-laden Suspensions

Another area where Habermann Aurum distinguishes itself is in the specialized pumps for handling mineral-laden suspensions that contain gas and foam. These materials pose a unique set of challenges, as they require pumps that can operate under varying viscosities and densities. Habermann Aurum's technology in this niche incorporates features such as venting mechanisms and variable speed drives to adapt to these challenging conditions effectively.

Praxis Example from the Mining Sector

Our commitment is evident in creations tailored for extreme wear environments and resistant to aggressive chemical substances. One of our successes materializes within an underground mine in Belgium, where our heavy duty RPL and NPK pumps are used to propel saline brine. When high pressures are required, as is the case in this mine, the RPL pumps are applied (H = 90 m). In this mine, the RPL pumps are used to pump the saline brine at a delivery head of 90 bar. The medium is furthermore pumped by our NPK pumps which are in his case installed in series. Each of these pumps operate at a delivery head of 60 m. These Habermann pumps have been running successfully without interruption since their installation in 2006.

In a sector where operational efficiency and reliability are paramount, Habermann Aurum's specialized pumps and integrated solutions stand out. With state-of-the-art engineering geared toward minimizing downtime and maximizing performance, these pumps set the industry standard for material conveyance in extractive operations. By continually innovating to meet the unique challenges of this sector, Habermann Aurum ensures that companies can operate with the assurance of disturbance-free and reliable material handling.

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