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***, Жезказган, Kazakhstan Pumps for conveying coal ash from the 4 boilers of a thermal power plant

Habermann Aurum Pumps GmbH has successfully carried out a customized adaptation of the pumps and the installation of the vertical pumps NPK 250/630 V2 with a shaft length of 4,100 mm in the thermal power plant. The pumps previously used by the customer in the facility required annual maintenance, including the complete replacement of hydraulic components and the sealing unit. Additionally, the complex and time-consuming process of aligning the shaft resulted in high time and cost expenses. The costly downtime of the facility was a crucial factor for the customer to consider optimization possibilities.

By using the vertical Habermann Aurum pump with a solid shaft and the proven HGD mechanical seal, the maintenance effort and downtime due to failures were minimized. Since its initial deployment in December 2021, the NPK 250/630 has been operating with utmost reliability. It operates 24/7 without any interruptions. This is yet another example of effective and reliable technology from Habermann, even when dealing with highly abrasive and corrosive media, such as ash-laden suspensions.

Project Summary
Technical details & challenges A vertical slurry pump with a shaft length of 4100 mm is required for conveying a fluid with a pH value of 3 to extract coal ash from 4 power plant boilers:
Q: 800 m3/h
H: 40 m
Pm: 180 kW (6000 V)
The previously installed pumps required extensive annual repairs, including the complete replacement of the impeller and gland packing. A significant amount of time was spent on shaft alignment. Our engineers were tasked with finding a solution that addresses these issues and prolongs the pump's continuous operation.
Our solution The vertical pump NPK 250/630 V2 with a shaft length of 4100 mm was custom-designed for the task. Compared to the previously installed pump, its operating time without interruptions for repair work has been increased. The issues related to shaft alignment were resolved by using a solid shaft. The customer is also satisfied with the maintenance-free HGD mechanical seal.
Used equipment Vertical pump NPK 250/630 V2 with a solid shaft and HGD-1 mechanical seal. This seal is a special development of our company. The design of the Habermann Aurum seal effectively prevents wear and corrosion. The pressure springs are mounted on the atmospheric side, ensuring that only the wear-resistant components come into contact with the conveyed medium. A vortex chamber prevents solid particles from reaching the mechanical seal.
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